how to get spouse off mortgage without refinancing

requirements for harp refinance Home Affordable refinance program (harp) – Colonial Savings – HARP provides eligible homeowners, who may not otherwise qualify for refinancing because of declining home values, the ability to refinance their mortgage.

Do I Need To Re-Fi My 30 Year Mortgage? Can I refinance my mortgage without my spouse’s signature? While we don’t recommend making big financial decisions without first communicating with your spouse, there may be situations where you would be able to refinance without your spouse actually being on the loan.

loan from 401k for house Debt Consolidation: Pros and Cons | Nolo – Whether you are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy or just trying to better manage your finances, you can’t help but notice all the advertisements touting debt consolidation. But is debt consolidation a good option for you? Read on to learn about the different debt consolidation options and the pros and cons of.

Is there a way to get your name off of a Mortgage without. – Is there a way to get your name off of a Mortgage without refinancing?.I got a divorce about two years ago and I gave my ex husband the house. I haven’t made any payments on the house in two and a half years. Is there anyway that I can get off the mortgage without him refinancing? His credit is in the low 500’s.

How do I remove spouse from loan without refi. – Mortgage – Is there a way to remove my soon-to-be-ex spouse’s name from the mortgage without refinancing or assuming the loan? Quick Overview of Situation: I may need to do a short sale, and I don’t want both of our credits to suffer. Just mine will be fine. We will most likely not profit from the sale of the home due to a declining market.

How do you get your ex off of the mortgage without refinancing – How do you get your ex-spouse off the mortgage agreement without spending a lot of money? Answer . \nYou will have to refinance your loan in order to get his name off.

How To Remove Spouse From House Title | Your Mortgage Guy For. – Removing a spouse from the title of your property after a divorce is a very popular question. After years of posting and originating about use of the owelty refinance as a way to split the equity in the house after a divorce between husband and wife, I looked back and realized that I did not actually include the simple detail that is not necessarily common sense to everyone.

To get a co-signer off a mortgage, you must qualify for a loan on your own. Tip To remove a spouse from a mortgage loan, you must refinance the property yourself.

current refi mortgage rates mortgage rate apr difference Mortgages vs. home equity loans: What’s the Difference? – These loans may have higher interest rates but lower closing costs-just an appraisal, for example. [Important: The difference between a home equity loan and a traditional mortgage is that you take out.Compare Today's Refinance Mortgage Rates | NerdWallet – Refinance Mortgage Rates. NerdWallet’s comparison tool can help you find the best refinance rates for your mortgage. Enter a few details about your current home loan and we’ll scan hundreds of.

Removing Ex From My Mortgage – – How do I remove my spouse from my mortgage without refinancing? Bill, I recently got out of a relationship and my ex’s name is on my mortgage. I have lived in the home now for 7 months paying the mortgage fully by myself. She wants her name off the loan (as do I), and I was told refinancing is the.